Let Flavour&Some help you out of the mundane and into the extraordinary, in their whirlwind of taste, movement and interaction.  Choreographed plating and original scores paired with a dash of alcohol and mouth watering menus; let our dancers, chefs and musicians guide you through a night we guarantee you won't forget.


This is Pop Up dining like you've never felt before.


Adam Thomason


Adam is an unstoppable ball of energy and passion.  A ridiculous work ethic combined with a childlike curiosity for all things taste.  If you’re looking to turn a disaster into a triumph, then look no further!



Don’t be fooled by her delicate exterior - beneath it lies an almighty ambition, that, once aimed, is unshakeable.  A relentless storyteller with an infectious enthusiasm for life.  We don’t know what she’s got, but she’s got IT!